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From September 2017 we are looking for Teachers, Teaching Assistants and Support Staff.

We are delighted to announce that from September 2017, we will be opening our doors as the Orchard Independent School. We specialise in students from challenging backgrounds and we are looking for new staff to assist in bringing about the very best education for our young learners in KS3 & KS4.

We are interested in enthusiastic people who have a passion for teaching and supporting learners from challenging backgrounds.

You’ll need almost limitless supplies of energy, enthusiasm and optimism to tackle the inertia and disenchantment that characterise challenging schools

You’ll need to be creative, brimming with ideas and capable of packaging and repacking ideas and concepts to capture the interest and imagination of students who, for whatever reason, have disengaged from education.

You’ll need self-discipline and have the courage to confront failure and come back for more, because not everything you try will work.

You’ll need thick skin – rhino thick!! Be prepared to be challenged on everything you say or do and to engage your emotional intelligence to build relationships with people who feel you owe them a lot but may not feel they owe you anything in return.

Teaching qualifications desirable but not essential as we offer a FREE Teacher training pathway for succesful applicants. Salary negotiable dependent on experience, term time contract.

Orchard School offers an Equal Opportunities programme.

For more information, or an application form please email




Our core values of 'giving all young people the opportunities they need to fulfil their potential, regardless of their background or life circumstance' are reflected throughout the organisation.




The Orchard Independent School


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Head Teacher - Mike Burton




Pre 16 Learning  


Orchard, Personalised Learning and Nurture Centre


This provision has been in place since September 2006, supporting young people who are at risk or permanently excluded from mainstream education.   


Success has been evident in our local area, NE Lincolnshire, engaging young people who have multiple barriers when accessing education.


Young people access learning with “Orchard, Personalised Learning and Nurture Centre” and have individualised learning programmes to combat barriers to learning and inspire young people to reach their potential.


Please follow the tab “Orchard” at the top of the website to read more about our delivery throughout our Pre 16 programmes.


Post 16 Learning




This programme has been a success for young people within Grimsby and Hull areas finding employment/ apprenticeships within the construction industry.

This programme has been designed to equip young people with employment and basic construction skills. Young people build a foundation of skills and then engage with local businesses to access work experience.

While engaging with work experience, learners will be on a 4 week job interview with the company to impress to hopefully gain employment in form of an apprenticeship.




DKM have been engaging with apprenticeships since April 2013 within the construction industry covering the following pathways;


  • Wood Occupations

  • Trowel Occupations

  • Plastering

  • Civil Engineering

  • Painting & Decorating

  • Multi-Trade Repair and Refurbishment

  • Occupational Work Supervision

DKM have developed a large employer database over the past few years across the UK and have increased overall succession, year on year.

Construction Training

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Pre 16 Learning


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Adult Learning


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